Midweek Meal Recipe: Spaghetti Aglio E Olio

On work nights where we don’t feel like cooking or are cruched for time, pasta is usually our go-to dinner. As you may have noticed, I am a huge fan of simple pasta dishes. Spaghetti Aglio E Olio is an Italian classic and one of the easiest dishes to throw together after a long day at work. If you love garlic and oil then this 30 minute meal is definitely going to be a palate pleaser.

My recipe is a blend of Mario Batalis and Barefoot Contessa recipes. Enjoy! Read more

3 Simple Reasons You Should Sign Up For A Color Run Today

I have been wanting to do a color run for the last few years and was so excited to finally find one in my area. We signed up for the Color Vibe race in Morristown, NJ and aside from a few parking issues the day was a top 10! Thinking about signing up for one? Stop thinking and go sign up now! Here is a little motivation to get going…

It’s Healthy

Running a marathon? Not for me. Running a 5K totally doable. Plus nothing compares to crossing a finish line with friends.

ColorRun Read more

Exploring St. Lucia

We decided to take a late summer vacation after my grandfather passed away. We both needed a week to unplug, unwind and recharge. We decided to head to St. Lucia for a romantic week away.

Staying in St. Lucia

We stayed at the Windjammer Landing All-Inclusive. My blog is all about good vibes so I am going to frame this as best as I can. If you are one with nature then totally stay here. If you aren’t then you might want to find another place. Our first room had open windows and doors so we were eaten alive by mosquitoes at night. Also, any room that had a light left on after dark got swarmed by insects. We requested an enclosed room and our upgrade was much better.


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Not Good With Faces and Names? Meet Your New Favorite App

000Remember that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Andy and Emily needed to memorize notebooks full of faces and names so they could feed Miranda information at her party?

While this case of memorizing details about business associates was a little extreme, it did showcase the importance of being able to recall information about our business contacts on the fly.

A human brain can only remember about 150 meaningful relationships, according to Robin Dunbar, a professor at Oxford University. ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY PEOPLE?! I can count at least 70 people in my family alone between aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and so on. Throw in connections I have made in school and work and I am in the MID-HUNDREDS. Top it off with the connections I have made in the social media world and I am now in the THOUSANDS. Now do I have “meaningful” relationships with thousands of people? I would like to think so but realistically is just isn’t possible. Read more

Living the LLife Launch

Very few people know this about me but for years I filled journals with my deepest thoughts, ambitions, fears and dreams. It has been so long since I sat down and let my thoughts flow into stuctured sentences and I have wanted to start a blog for years. Today is step one and I am finally ready to commit to blogging about life, love, work and play.

I am so excited to launch Living the LLife and hope you will enjoy all of the things I love, learn and see.