You Are The [Lip] BALM {Thank You}

You are the balm chapstick

A simple gesture of appreciation goes such a long way.

I was recently selected at work to be part of a new culture team that focuses on everything from changing the way we work to creating a culture of awesomeness. Today we rolled out our first round of announcements at an all company meeting including a new set of core values, a fresh way to have [and NOT have] meetings and more. As the company left the meeting our team set up a little surprise as a thank you for everyone’s hard work. Here is what we came up with:

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Happy Grandparent’s Day {Gift Idea}

Call it lack of sleep or maybe just a first time parent learning curve but I totally dropped the ball last year for grandparent’s day. Joseph was about 3 months old and my parents had gone above and beyond to welcome us into the world of parenting from the moment Joseph was born. I felt terrible I missed it and wanted to make sure I was prepared this year.

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The “Highlight” of My Month

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. ✂️
▫️Coco Chanel

I’ve been in a bit of a beauty rut for the past few months. I am finally back to my pre-baby weight (still have a long way to go to my goal weight) and it feels great to fit into my old clothes but I needed a little something extra.

With the exception of a very unfortunate decision I made in camp that had to do with an entire bottle of sun in, I have always been pretty conservative with my hairstyle. Maybe it was turning 30, or maybe it has to do with the 10 minutes I have to get ready for work in the morning juggling my 1 year old and getting myself ready, but I’ve been itching for a change.

✨ Feeling Fresh ✨ ✂️ @messinastyles14 ✂️

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5 inches off and my first time dying my hair was exactly what I needed. Thanks to my high school best friend Alyssa at Dieci for the MUCH needed change! Love my new look!

*NEW* Item Added to the LivingTheLLife Etsy Shop! {Allergy Backpack & Lunch Bag Tags}

Allergies can be a parent’s worst nightmare. My husband has some pretty scary allergies and has to carry an epipen everywhere we go. Thankfully JJ hasn’t shown any signs of having allergies but it is definitely always in the back of my mind.

A friend from high school recently reached out asking if I could try my hand at making her son allergy tags for his school backpack and lunch bag. I ended up loving the way they turned out and decided to list them on Etsy. Buy Here

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We Have a ONE Year Old!! (Portrait Gallery)

To round out our first birthday celebration week I am so excited to share Joseph’s first birthday portraits! We worked with Harshita, owner of Avnida Photography who also shot his newborn photos. Her in-home studio is incredible with seemingly endless backdrops and props and she is terrific with waiting for just the right shot to capture her subject’s personality.

JoJo was such a ham during the shoot. He loved the lights and was especially excited by a giant yellow duck that was on-set. Looking at each shot leaves me feeling amazed thinking about how big he has gotten. He looks like such a little man in some of the shots!

These are pictures we will treasure forever!

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Joseph’s First Birthday Cake Smash

We knew we wanted to do first birthday portraits but I was torn about cake smash pictures. I am so glad our photographer Harshita, owner of Avnida Photography, convinced us to go for it. Joseph was hysterical during the shoot clapping with joy and making a mess. We were super surprised that he isn’t a huge fan of cake but definitely had fun playing with it! We got his Joseph shirt from Etsy shop TheMonogrammedPrep and his blue ombre cake was made by Splurge.

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The 45 Best Apps of 2016


aaeaaqaaaaaaaaglaaaajdlkodywnjy0ltawzmmtngvini04nwi2ltgzzdywyjm4mda2ngIt’s no secret, millennials love their technology. As digital natives we are constantly seeking innovative apps, websites and plug ins to make our life better, both professionally and personally.

I have the privilege of being the 2016 chair of Realogy‘s NextGen group which is a group of young leaders who are rising stars within our company. Recently our group came up with 45 of our most favorite apps, websites and plug-ins. So clear out some space on your phone and get downloading!! Read more